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Cash Flow — Solved

Credit lines to boost your business and ways to increase your monthly income by lending to others

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Funding, made flexible

Credit lines up to $250,000; rates starting at 3% — no surprises, just simple lending

Funding, made simple

Instant approvals; know how much you qualify for by linking your business services

Funding, fully automated

Next-day deposits; no paperwork or faxing — we're 100% online

Working capital that works

Draw funds when needed — pay only for what you draw, and only when you sell

Boost your bottom line

Boost your monthly income by lending to others; be assured that your money will always be available when needed

Control your cash flow

Easily accessible tracking tools — you will always know what you've paid and what you've earned

— Better
One account, two ways to fuel your growth

Indivisible provides you with one account from which to manage borrowing and lending for your business. Creating an account is simple and free. Once approved, we provide instant access to fast and flexible credit lines to grow your business and we offer proven ways to increase your monthly income by lending to others.

Focus on your business, not on fundraising

Growing your business is hard - getting capital shouldn't be. We've streamlined and fully automated the lending process. Just link your existing business accounts and we'll instantly let you know how much capital your business can access, and how much it will cost. No additional paperwork or faxing, just cash when you need it.

Step off the cash flow treadmill

Unlike traditional business loans, Indivisible gives you ongoing access to the funds you need to grow your business. Draw as often as you need - pay only for what you draw and only when you sell. Rates start at 3%. No closing fees, no early-payment fees, and no more worrying about meeting a payment deadline.

Change what's possible for your business

Having cash on hand means working capital is always at your fingertips. We deposit cash, so your funds can be used anywhere, for anything. Use your funds to buy inventory, boost your marketing, invest in equipment, hire staff, or simply manage unforeseen expenses.

Trusted by local business owners, online retailers, and brands you know

Retailers, wholesalers, contractors, manufacturers, franchises, restaurants, and other service providers across nearly 60 industries rely on Indivisible every day to improve their cash flow.

Craft Store

$62k line

Hired two new staff; boosted sales by 20%


$35k line

Replaced three

Day Care Center

$15k line
Invested: $2k

Received funding when banks said no

Health Food Store

$26k line
Invested: $4k

Applied on Tuesday, received funds Wednesday


$125k line
Invested: $17k

Expanded to a
second location


Invested: $60k

Earned $5k in time for the Spring rush

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